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International law of development: ideas, norms, implementation

The monograph titled “International law of development: ideas, norms, implementation” was published by Nataliya Yakubovskaya – young researcher, member of the Center for International Law and Justice.

The monograph provides a study of the theoretical and practical aspects of the implementation of the concept of international law of development into modern international law. The basic development theories and established in international practice methods of determination of states` level of development are described.

The existing in legal doctrine approaches to the international law of development, the main ideas postulated in the framework of this concept by different authors are examined. The aspects of the concept of international law of development, as reflected in international law and practice of international judicial bodies, are presented. The provisions governing relations in the field of development assistance and differentiating the states` rights and obligations on the basis of their actual capacity are studied. The practice of judicial interpretation of international treaties, the aim of which is to promote the development of parties, is disclosed; the cases where the international judicial bodies took into account the actual capacity of one of the dispute parties are reviewed; the examples when the concept of sustainable development was used to align the parties` interests in the field of economic development and environmental protection are shown.

Yakubovskaya monograph