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International Moot Competition on Maritime Arbitration is a contest for law undergraduate and graduate students in English, the essence of which is to present the position of plaintiff and defendant in a dispute, which is regarded in international maritime arbitration.

The competition is held in two phases. The first stage is a written part of the contest (the short analogue of application to the international maritime arbitration) while the second  one is oral (imitation of judicial debate.) The competition is designed to raise the interest of participants in the study of the most problematic issues of maritime law.

In the first stage, a  team presents a separate written position of the plaintiff and defendant,  argues the case  seeks for means to challenge or invalidate the alleged arguments and arguments of the counter party. Taking into account conflict nature of private international maritime law, the applicable law is indicated according to the arbitration clause which is mentioned in the compromise as well as other applicable conventions and international acts. The possibility of using other sources of law may be justified by the parties themselves, which will be properly appreciated by the judges. Since more than 75% of all disputes of this category are resolved at the London Maritime Arbitrators Association, exactly knowledge of English law would be the most valuable for future practitioners in this field.  Thus, for two years  the cases have contained reference to English law and Terms  of the London Maritime Arbitrators Association. A written work (memorandum) should be sent to the official e-mail of the event till the mentioned date.

Oral stage takes place in Odessa, in the building of Odessa Commercial Court of Appeal and is evaluated by leading specialists in maritime law, private international and public law. The representatives of plaintiffs act against the defendants from another team within the allotted time.

During the presentation the arbitrators may ask questions and use other procedural rights in accordance with the Rules. After the presentation of the opponents, the team has an opportunity to respond to or to comment speech of the other side.

The case (or compromise) includes a dispute that should be resolved in a simulated international arbitration in accordance with the regulations of the latter. The case is made in such a way as to attract the attention of future maritime lawyers to the practical problems of maritime law and arbitration that will have positive impact on the professional growth of young lawyers in the future. The dispute consists of a number of issues, such as the consignment at the appropriate time, the validity of the arbitration clause, the effect of force majeure during shipping and transportation by land, etc.

The case is distributed via this site in September. Teams should prepare written memoranda from both the plaintiff and the defendant until February 12 (Day of Foundation of London Maritime Association of Arbitrators). Oral round is held annually in Odessa, in the third week of March.

Previous experience. The winner of the debate in 2010 was the team of Odessa National Law Academy, and in 2011 Kiev Institute of International Relations won this honorary title. The main prize for the winners is free participation in the Summer School on Maritime Law. The nomination "The Best speaker"  was granted to the student of Odessa State University, Yekaterina Janiszewski (Ukraine) in 2010 and to a student of KOC University Ayse Gozde Zorlu (Turkey) in 2011. 2012 edition of IMCMA was organized in cooperation with the National University "Odessa Law Academy" and Law Firm "International legal offices" and was won by the team from Istandul University (Turkey). The "Best Speaker" award was granted to the student of the International University"MITSO" Yulia Konoplich.

Details. For more detailed information about the ongoing debates we suggest you to read the rules of the competition, located on the page. Photo Gallery of the previous moot courts can be viewed by clicking the LINK.

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